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Injury Care Network (ICN) is a multi-specialty physician network and care management service treating injured victims of work and auto accidents. 

Our service provides 24-hour access for immediate contact with the injured party to schedule timely, quality, appropriate and convenient medical care.

  • Access to high quality medical providers and facilities.
  • Immediate contact with injured party with same day medical care appointments.
  • Vast provider network to ensure convenient treatment and multi-specialty care.
  • All ICN providers are contracted with and work on a lien basis. 
  • All treatment is managed from onset to closure, scheduling follow up care, specialty care, imaging, therapy, and procedures.
  • ICN makes daily “care calls” to the injured party to ensure proper care delivery and patient satisfaction.
  • Real time care status through appointment email notifications throughout treatment.
  • Real-time care status and access to medical records and bills through our patient portal – Filevine.
  • Our care management team can assist with obtaining medical records and bills.

In summary, Injury Care Network provides attorneys with a comprehensive network of medical providers and support services that can help their clients receive the care they need quickly and conveniently, without the hassle of upfront payments or record-keeping. 

Attorney FAQs
Most frequent questions and answers

ICN services attorneys, doctors, and patients upon request, seeking conveniently located medical specialists familiar with treating workers’ compensation and accident victims. ICN has the largest network of personal injury and workers’ compensation providers in the industry.

Our service will schedule and manage all treatment for every patient/client. Our care management team will assist your law office with gathering medical records and bills from all providers.

  • Immediate access to top medical specialists
  • Access to our patient portal for care status and obtaining records and bills per provider. 
  • Email notifications with care updates
  • Yearly provider/facility review and credentialing, including contracts, BA agreements to ensure HIPPA compliance and ethical standards.
  • Continued network provider expansion

YES! ICN will help each patient with scheduling all care appointments from onset to closure of treatment. Our care management team will make daily “care calls” to each patient to ensure proper care delivery and overall patient satisfaction. Our team will email your law office care status notifications throughout treatment and notify you when treatment is complete. We will provide you with access to our patient portal and assist with gathering records and bills for all providers. 

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