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At ICN, we’re dedicated to forging strong partnerships with medical providers like you, to ensure accident victims receive the best care possible. As part of our network, you’ll enjoy these essential benefits:

  • ICN acts as a bridge between doctors, patients, and attorneys, fostering effective communication for streamlined care delivery and enhanced patient outcomes.
  • Our platform minimizes administrative tasks, allowing your staff to focus on patient care. This efficiency translates into more meaningful interactions and improved practice management.
  • ICN helps navigate the complexities of billing, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for your services, whether dealing with attorneys or insurance companies.
  • Experience faster payment for your services through our expedited settlement process, contributing to improved cash flow and efficient case resolution.

Join ICN to unlock these foundational benefits, propelling your practice forward and positively impacting the lives of accident victims. Together, we create a stronger healthcare ecosystem that prioritizes exceptional care and seamless collaboration.

Medical Provider FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

ICN services attorneys, helping their clients find conveniently located medical specialists familiar with treating workers’ compensation and accident victims. ICN has the largest network of personal injury and workers’ comp. providers in the industry.

Joining our network relieves staff time, certifies case collectability, expedites settlement time, and helps you navigate billing issues.

Yes. ICN can assist with the collection of your claims.

There are several ways:

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